March 18, 2015
AstraZeneca announces positive Phase III top-line results for PT003 from PINNACLE 1 and PINNACLE 2 studies in COPD


July 1, 2013
AstraZeneca Completes Acquisition of Pearl Therapeutics

June 9, 2013
Pearl Therapeutics to be Acquired by AstraZeneca for up to $1.15 Billion

May 17, 2013
Pearl Therapeutics Presents Dose-Ranging, Efficacy and Safety Results of PT003 as well as Components, PT001 and PT005 at American Thoracic Society Meeting

May 13, 2013
Pearl Therapeutics Initiates PT003 Phase 3 Program for the Treatment of Individuals with Moderate-to-Severe COPD

March 14, 2013
Pearl Therapeutics Receives Award for Innovative Co-Suspension Technology

January 17, 2013
Pearl Therapeutics Strengthens its Organization by Hiring Dr. Michael Riebe, an Industry Veteran in Respiratory Product Development

January 4, 2013
Pearl Therapeutics to Present at J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference


December 5, 2012
Pearl Therapeutics Issued U.S. Patent on Co-Suspension Formulation Technology

November 13, 2012
Pearl Therapeutics Raises $65 Million Series D to Start PT003 Phase 3

October 24, 2012
Pearl Therapeutics Successfully Completes Phase 2 Program; Identifies Optimal Dose of PT003 and its Components for Phase 3

September 13, 2012
Pearl Therapeutics Completes Phase 2b Study of Glycopyrrolate, Defines Dose-Response Curve and Identifies Optimal Dose of PT001

May 21, 2012
Pearl Therapeutics Receives TiE50 Award from Global Entrepreneurship Network

May 14, 2012
Pearl Therapeutics Phase 2b Twice-Daily Dosing Data Suggest Morning and Evening Benefit of PT003 in Patients with COPD

April 3, 2012
Pearl Therapeutics Creates Nanogram-Dose Inhalers and Initiates a Phase 2b Study

January 6, 2012
Pearl Therapeutics Announces Successful Completion of Phase 2b Safety and Efficacy Studies of COPD Combination, PT003


December 8, 2011
Pearl Therapeutics Reports Positive Phase 2b Results of PT001 in patients with COPD

October 28, 2011
Pearl Therapeutics Presents New Scientific Evidence Supporting Versatility of its Novel Cosuspension MDI Platform

September 26, 2011
Pearl Therapeutics’ Bronchodilator Combination PT003 Provides Superior Inspiratory Capacity Compared to Spiriva®

September 6, 2011
FierceBiotech Names Pearl Therapeutics a 2011 Fierce 15 Biotech

August 30, 2011
Pearl Therapeutics Announces Positive Results for Phase 2b Dose-Ranging Study of Formoterol MDI

June 16, 2011
Pearl Therapeutics Advances its Long-Acting Bronchodilator Combination Product Candidate into Four Additional Phase 2 Studies

May 18, 2011
Pearl Therapeutics’ Phase 2b Results Show a 50% Improvement in Lung Function with PT003 Compared to Spiriva® and Foradil® in Patients with COPD

May 5, 2011
Pearl Therapeutics Highlights its Porous Particle Cosuspension Platform, Demonstrating Universal Applicability across Multiple Drug Classes and Combination Products

April 29, 2011
Pearl Therapeutics to Present Complete PT003 Results from Phase 2b COPD Study in a Late-Breaker Session at the American Thoracic Society Annual Meeting

February 24, 2011
Pearl Therapeutics Appoints Charles (Chuck) Bramlage President and Chief Executive Officer


December 1, 2010
Pearl Therapeutics’ PT003 Combination Therapy for COPD Demonstrates Superior Bronchodilation Compared to Spiriva® and Foradil® in Randomized Phase 2b Study

October 19, 2010
Pearl Therapeutics Raises $69 Million Series C Financing

May 18, 2010
Pearl Therapeutics’ Data for its Combination Bronchodilator Product, PT003, Support the Potential for Improvement in the Treatment of Patients with COPD

May 17, 2010
Pearl Therapeutics Receives TiE50 Entrepreneur Award

May 5, 2010
Pearl Therapeutics’ Bronchodilator Combination Therapeutic for COPD to Be Presented at the American Thoracic Society Annual Meeting

March 29, 2010
Pearl Therapeutics Announces Positive Results from Phase 1 Trial of PT003, a Bronchodilator Combination Therapeutic for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, and Initiation of Phase 2b Trial

February 1, 2010
Pearl Therapeutics Raises $15 Million to Advance PT003, LAMA/LABA Combination Bronchodilator for COPD, into Phase 2b Study

January 6, 2010
Pearl Therapeutics Announces Positive Results from Phase 2a Trial of Glycopyrrolate Inhalation Aerosol in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

January 4, 2010
Pearl Therapeutics Announces Positive Results from Phase 2a Trial of Formoterol Inhalation Aerosol in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease


November 23, 2009
Pearl Therapeutics Appoints Howie Rosen to Board of Directors

March 02, 2009
Pearl Therapeutics Appoints Perry Karsen as CEO

February 24, 2009
Pearl Therapeutics Secures $8 Million in Debt Financing


July 02, 2008
Pearl Therapeutics Closes $18 Million Financing


December 20, 2007
Pearl Therapeutics, Inc. Expands Its Senior Management Team with Top Talent in Clinical Development and Regulatory Affairs

September 04, 2007
Pearl Therapeutics Raises $15.5 Million in Private Financing